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The use of these 3 7/8" bore pistons with stock 4" stroke enlarges the capacity of your Twin Cam engine from 88 to 95CI with the use of bored to size stock cylinders. Available with 9:1 or 9.5:1 compression ratio, which can be used with the stock ignition on both carburetor and EFI equipped models, or domed with 10.5:1 compression ratio, which requires the use of a High-Performance ignition system, such
as our Dyna ignition ZPN710586. These Big Bore kits contain a pair of Wiseco forged pistons, a Hastings ring set, chrome wrist pins, circlips and a top end gasket kit. Ring sets are separately available.

Incomplete: Kit supplied without gasket kit
Sold as it is, no stock return, no warranty


Big Bore kit piston kits
Compr. 10.5:1 Bore Size
+.010" 732711B
€ 665,39

€ 431,31
Piston dome specification
All valve pocket specifications are measured from deck height
Comp. Ratio Dome Volume Intake Pocket Exhaust Pocket
Depth Diameter Depth Diameter
9:01 -2CC -.161" 2.000" -.158" 2.000"
9.5:1 +4.6CC -.183" 2.000" -183" 2.000"
10.5:1 +15CC -.161" 2.000" -.158" 2.000"

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