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Diag-4-Bike software allows to flash-tune a motorcycle with one of these Tuning Dongles. The dongle unlocks the ECM of one motorcycle, stores the original calibration and allows to flash a new calibration to the ECM.


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Advanced tuning dongle, each
Advanced tuning dongle, set of 3+1 Free
Diag-4-Bike Tuning Dongles
Option Advanced/Professional
Flash tune files (mappings) from the built-in database *1 Yes
Create your own tune files (mappings) using a dyno Yes
AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) map adjustment Yes
VE (Volumetric Efficiency) map adjustment Yes
Fuel map adjustment Full control
Ignition map adjustment Yes
Idle RPM map adjustment Yes
Acceleration enrichment adjustment Yes
Rev (RPM) limit adjustment Yes
Engine displacement adjustment Yes
Injector size adjustment Yes
Lambda closed loop adjustment Yes
Throttle-By-Wire response delay adjustment Yes
Cranking fuel map adjustment Yes
Warmup map adjustment Yes
Idle speed adjustment on Milwaukee Eight models Yes
Idle Air Control steps warmup map adjustment Yes
Idle Air Control steps Crank to run map adjustment Yes
Speed limit adjustment on 2017 and later models Yes
Blank ECM flash Yes
Re-flash ECM from an other year or model Yes

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